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Chapter 1. Introduction

Table of Contents
1.1. Presentation
1.2. Aknowledgements

1.1. Presentation

This document is a guide on the use of products proposed by the hardware manufacturer Hewlett-Packard (HP) under Linux. It's a quick reference guide, covering all what you need to know to size, install and configure your products under Linux, or which complementary software will be useful for their use. Frequently Asked Questions find answers, and references are given concerning other sources of information related to HP technologies and applications.

Opinions expressed here are those of the author, and don't commit both Medasys or Hewlett-Packard . Informations are provided in the aim to be useful to the readers. However, there can't be, through this document, any warranty of any kind either from Medasys or HP on these systems under Linux, as well as from myself. Neither Medasys, nor HP, nor the author could be responsible for any problem caused by the use of this information. However, software editors don't guarantee you a lot either (re-read the contracts).

1.1.1. New versions of this document

New versions of this document will be announced regularly on the Usenet groups news:fr.comp.os.linux.annonces and news:comp.os.linux.annonces. They will also be updated on the various anonymous ftp sites which archive such information, mainly

Hypertext versions of this and other Linux HOWTO are available on many web sites, including and Most Linux distributions on CD-ROM include the HOWTO, often under the /usr/share/doc, directory, and you can also buy printed copies from several vendors. Sometimes the HOWTO available from CD-ROM vendors, ftp sites or printed format are out of date. If the date on this HOWTO is more than 6 months in the past, then a newer copy is probably available on the Internet. The site of reference for this HOWTO is

Old versions of this document are also available at

If you make a translation of this document into another language, please let me know so that I can include a reference to it here. The following versions are currently available :

As english isn't a native language for me, I would really appreciate any correction on the english version.

1.1.2. Suggestions and contributions

I rely on you, the reader, to make this HOWTO useful. If you have any suggestions, corrections, or congratulations :-) don't hesitate to send them to me , and I will try to incorporate them in a next revision.

I've created a mailing-list dedicated to this document. Every person interested to contribute can register at,

I am also willing to answer general questions on HP hardware and software with Linux, as best I can. Before doing so, please read all of the information in this HOWTO, and then send me detailed information about the problem.

If you publish this document on a CD-ROM or in hardcopy form, a complimentary copy would be appreciated; mail me for my postal address. Also consider making a donation to the Linux Documentation Project to help support free documentation for Linux. Contact the Linux HOWTO coordinator, Guylhem AZNAR .

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