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spider (6)
  • >> spider (6) ( Solaris man: Игры )
         spider - play double deck solitaire
         spider [ -save_file filename ] [ -toolkitoption...  ]
         spider is a particularly challenging double-deck  solitaire.
         Unlike most solitaires, it provides extraordinary opportuni-
         ties for the skillful player to overcome  bad  luck  in  the
         deal by means of careful analysis and complex manipulations.
         The spider program does not actually play the game for  you,
         but  rather  takes the place of the cards (by displaying the
         tableau on the screen) and keeping a record of the  game  so
         that  you  can  follow out long lines of play without losing
         track of where you started from.
         spider when compiled with XView has  a  property  sheet  for
         defining  resources.   The  property  sheet is on the "File"
         menu item.  To be sure spot help is active, set the environ-
         ment  variable  HELPDIR  for XView version 1.0.1 or HELPPATH
         for XView version 2.0 or later to the  directory  containing
         the  file.  See spot help on the property sheet
         for more details.
         -save_file filename
              Start up using the specified save file.
         spider understands all of the core X Toolkit resource  names
         and classes as well as:
         bell (class Bell)
                 Boolean which specifies whether spider will use  the
                 bell  to  when complaining about illegal moves.  The
                 default is "true".
         confirm (class Confirm)
                 Boolean which specifies whether spider will use  ask
                 for   confirmation   before  certain  actions.   The
                 default is "true".
         replayTime (class ReplayTime)
                 Specifies  the  time  (in  microseconds)  to   pause
                 between  each  move  when  showing  a  Replay.   The
                 default is 200.
         roundsCards (class RoundCards)
                 Specifies whether to  use  rounded  cards  are  not.
                 Rounded  cards  look  better,  but  are considerably
                 slower.  The default is "on".
         deltaMod (class DeltaMod)
                 Specifies the interval at which  to  recalulate  the
                 inter-card  spacing.   The default is 1, which means
                 the card stacks are resized every time they grow  or
                 shrink  when when they near the bottom of the table.
                 Setting this to a higher value will cut down on  the
                 number  of  redraws  by limiting visibility when its
         squish (class Squish)
                 Specifies whether to use  a  different  card  layout
                 that  saves on screen space but can also be somewhat
                 confusing.  The default is "off".
         helpDir (class HelpDir)
                 Specifies where to look for the help files.
         Copyright (c) 1990 by David Lemke & Network  Computing  Dev-
         ices, Inc.
         Copyright 1990 Heather Rose and Sun Microsystems, Inc.
         Copyright (c) 1989, Donald R. Woods  and  Sun  Microsystems,
         Permission  to  use,  copy,  modify,  and  distribute   this
         software  and  its documentation for any purpose and without
         fee is hereby granted, provided  that  the  above  copyright
         notice  appear  in  all  copies and that both that copyright
         notice and this permission notice appear in supporting docu-
         The OpenWindows environment may no longer be supported in  a
         future  release.  You may want to migrate to CDE, the Common
         Desktop Environment.

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