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xgc (6)
  • xgc (1) ( Linux man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )
  • >> xgc (6) ( Solaris man: Игры )
         xgc - X graphics demo
         xgc [ -toolkitoption ]
         The xgc program  demonstrates  various  features  of  the  X
         graphics  primitives.   In  X, most of the details about the
         graphics to be generated are stored in a resource  called  a
         graphics  context  (GC).   The  xgc  program provides a user
         interface for setting various GC components.   Pressing  the
         "Run"  button  causes  these  results to be displayed in the
         large drawing window on the right.   Timing  information  is
         displayed in the window immediately below.
         The items in the upper left hand window work as follows:
         Function - specify the logical function  with  which  primi-
         tives  will  drawn.   The  most usual setting is "set", i.e.
         simply to render pixels without  regard  to  what  has  been
         drawn before.
         LineStyle - specify whether lines should be drawn  solid  in
         foreground,  dashed  in foreground or alternating foreground
         and background.
         CapStyle - specify the appearance of the ends of a line.
         JoinStyle - specify the appearance of  joints  between  con-
         secutive lines drawn within a single graphics primitive.
         solid, tiled with a pixmap or stippled.
         rule means that if areas overlap an  odd  number  of  times,
         they  are  not  drawn.   Winding rule means that overlapping
         areas are always filled, regardless of how many  times  they
         ArcMode - specifies the rule for filling of arcs.  The boun-
         dary of the arc is either a Chord or two radii.
         planemask - specifies which planes of the drawing window are
         modified.  By default, all planes are modified.
         dashlist - specifies a  pattern  to  be  used  when  drawing
         dashed lines.
         Line Width - specifies the width in pixels of  lines  to  be
         drawn.   Zero means to draw using the server's fastest algo-
         rithm with a line width of one pixel.
         Font - specifies the font to be used for text primitives.
         Foreground and Background - specify the pixel values  to  be
         applied  when  drawing  primitives.  The Foreground value is
         used as the pixel value for set bits in the  source  in  all
         primitives.  The Background value is used as the pixel value
         for unset bits in the source when using Copy Plane,  drawing
         lines   with   LineStyle  of  DoubleDash  and  filling  with
         FillStyle of OpaqueStippled.
         Percentage of Test - scrollbar  permits  specifying  only  a
         percentage  of  the  test to be run.  The number at the left
         indicates the current setting, which defaults to 100%.
         The window labeled "Test" permits choice of one a number  of
         graphics primitive tests, including Points, Segments, Lines,
         Arcs and Filled Arcs, 8-bit Text and Image Text,  Rectangles
         and  Filled  Rectangles,  Image draws, as well as Copy Plane
         and Copy Area.
         The window to the right of this  has  buttons  which  permit
         record/playback of the primitives rendered.
         Xgc accepts all of  the  standard  X  Toolkit  command  line
         This program accepts the usual defaults for toolkit applica-
         DISPLAY to get the default host and display number.
                 to get the name of a resource  file  that  overrides
                 the  global resources stored in the RESOURCE_MANAGER
         O'Reilly Xlib Programming Manual, Volume I, Chapter 5
         This program isn't really finished yet.  In particular, but-
         tons  whose  labels  appear in parentheses indicate features
         which are not yet implemented.
         Copyright 1989, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
         Dan Schmidt, MIT

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