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xmac (6)
  • >> xmac (6) ( Solaris man: Игры )
         xmac - display Apple MacPaint image files under X windows
         xmac filename [ -ps ] [ host:display ] [ -geometry ]
         xmac  displays  a  MacPaint  file  in   a   window,   allows
         resize/move, and has an icon.  xmac will send the Postscript
         commands to print the image to standard out if  you  include
         the  command  line  option,  -ps.  xmac  accepts  two  other
         optional command line arguments.  You may specify a  display
         name in the form host:display (see X11(7).  And you may pro-
         vide a geometry specification.  If you don't give a geometry
         specification,  xmac  will ask you where you want to put the
         window when it starts up.  See X11(7) for  a  full  explana-
         There  are  no  known  bugs.   There  are  lots  of  lacking
         features.   I  would  like  to add editing capability in the
         future, along with the ability to clip part of an image to a
         bitmap format file; as well as replacing the desktop pattern
         with an image.  Also there should be a way to kill the  pro-
         cess,  i.e.  a  keypress  or a mouse click in a box.  Also a
         title bar would be nice.
         XMAC - the default directory for searching for image  files,
         (after ".").
         Xlib Documentation.
         Copyright    (c)    1987    by    Patrick    J.    Naughton,
         Permission  to  use,  copy,  modify,  and  distribute   this
         software  and  its documentation for any purpose and without
         fee is hereby granted, provided  that  the  above  copyright
         notice  appear  in  all  copies and that both that copyright
         notice and this permission notice appear in supporting docu-

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