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Обобщенный отчет за 20 мая 2022 г.

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    Группа: Русскоязычные блоги

    - Web-сервер с двухуровневой иерархией ЦС. Авторизация по SSL

    - openSUSE Tumbleweed: возвращение на GNOME


    - Релиз программы Photoflare 1.6.10. Обработка изображений

    Группа: Программирование и web-технологии

    - Вдкриття офсу Meta в Укран та модераця контенту про вйну - Федоров зустрвся з топ-менеджером техногганта


    - Гг-контракти, аудит податок на виведений каптал. У Дя City вдповли на поширен запитання пд час вонного стану


    - За прикладом айтвцв мають ти нш. Мер Львова Андрй Садовий про життя мста пд час вйни, замудрого Федорова та принцип люб


    - Украна отрима $1 млн на пдтримку доменно системи вд нтернет-корпорац ICANN


    - День вишиванки 2022. Як укранськ айтвц вдзначали цю дату в умовах вйни


    - В укранських школах оновлять предмет нформатики. Що змниться

    Группа: Linux

    - KDE Plasma 5.25 Beta Arrives with Dynamic Accent Colour, Improved Discover


    - How To Enable Activate Linux Watermark Notification In Linux Desktop


    - Top 10 Essential Ubuntu Apps For Everyone in 2022


    - Raspberry Pi CM4 cluster board includes Rockchip RK3588 SoC support


    - How to Install and Use Bitwarden on Linux


    - KDE Plasma 5.25 Beta Is Here with Floating Panels, New Customization Options, and More


    - How to Install Google Chrome on AlmaLinux / Rocky Linux


    - Near zero marginal cost societies and the impact on why we work


    - My DEI Journey


    - Use this open source screen reader on Windows


    - Mesa 22.1 Released with Improvements for Elden Ring, Apex Legends, Zink, and More


    - Understanding Linux System Calls With the strace Command

    - The Linux Foundation and Fintech Open Source Foundation Announce the Schedule for Open Source in Finance Forum London 20


    - Success Story: Preparing for Kubernetes Certification Improves a Platform Development EngineerБ─≥s Skills


    - Open Source Software Security: Turning Sand into Concrete


    - How I got started with RHEL

    - Bada Bing, Bada Boom: Microsoft BingБ─≥s Chinese Political Censorship of Autosuggestions in North America


    - PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL 15 Beta 1 Released!


    - KDE Plasma 5.25 Beta Arrives with Dynamic Accent Colour, Improved Discover


    - Videos/Shows: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, The Linux Link Tech Show, Bad Voltage, and BSD Now


    - Jive Search is your private self-hosted search engine


    - EasyOS: CONFIG_TASK_DELAY_ACCT, ZRAM, and Ventoy


    - SUSE: seidl, SUSE Manager, and SUSECON Digital 22


    - Fedora Family / IBM and Red Hat Leftovers


    - For the Love of Ubuntu: Here are the Mascots of All Ubuntu Releases


    - Weekly Edition for May 12, 2022


    - Security, Fear-mongering, and Openwashing


    - Videos: GTK, Nvidia, and More


    - Software: Inkscape, Docspell, and Organize


    - Red Hat Leftovers/Puff Pieces


    - Announcing the release of Oracle Linux 8 Update 6


    - Firefox for Android no longer gives the user control over the browsing experience. Privacy Browser turns off JavaScript


    - Louis-Philippe Vц╘ronneau - Introducing metalfinder


    - Games: Old World, Broken Sword 5, Psychonauts 2


    - Devices/Embedded Leftovers


    - 10 Fun Free and Open Source Turn-Based Strategy Games


    - Ubuntu vs Manjaro: Comparing the Different Linux Experiences


    - Evaluating FreeBSD CURRENT for Production Use

    Группа: Блог планеты

    - Linux Plumbers Conference: Microconferences at Linux Plumbers Conference: linux/arch

    Группа: Обновление ПО

    - 05/19 snapd 2.56


    - 05/19 ImageMagick 7.1.0-35


    - 05/19 rust 1.61.0


    - 05/19 snort


    - 05/20 firefox 100.0.2

    Группа: Top sites

    - Distribution Release: Oracle Linux 8.6

    - Intel Announces SYCLomatic For Open-Source Conversion Of CUDA Code To C++ SYCL


    - Upgraded Linux-Friendly Framework Laptop Shifts To Intel 12th Gen "Alder Lake"


    - Google Makes Public Their Open-Source PSP Security Protocol


    - System76 Scheduler 1.2 Released - Now Has Defaults For SteamVR, Flatpak Process Support


    - Linux To Introduce The Ability To Set The Hostname Before Userspace Starts


    - AOMP 15.0-2 Released For Radeon OpenMP Compiler


    - XWayland Adds New Option To Expose Dummy Modes For Gamescope / Steam Deck


    - Linux Patches Updated For Better Power Management On AMX "Sapphire Rapids" Servers


    - Ubuntu Desktop Exploring Microsoft Azure AD Integration


    - Fedora BIOS Boot SIG Launched For Those Wanting To Maintain Legacy BIOS Support


    - AMDVLK 2022.Q2.2 Released As First Update In Over One Month

    - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.0 released


    - Developer pulls plug on popular open source Android email client FairEmail

    - [$] CXL 2: Pooling, sharing, and I/O-memory resources


    - [$] Cleaning up dying control groups, 2022 edition


    - Rust 1.61.0 released

    Группа: Русскоязычные системы

    - Erlang/OTP 25


    - Выпуск языка программирования Rust 1.61


    - Google открыл наработки, связанные с защищённым сетевым протоколом PSP

    Группа: Безопасность

    - Oracle7: ELSA-2022-9358: glibc Important Security Update>


    - SUSE: 2022:1748-1 important: MozillaFirefox>


    - SUSE: 2022:1746-1 moderate: libyajl>


    - Open source security: Linux Foundation project presents 10-point plan>


    - Ubuntu 5424-2: OpenLDAP vulnerability>


    - SUSE: 2022:1744-1 moderate: ucode-intel>


    - SUSE: 2022:1747-1 moderate: ucode-intel>


    - Oracle7: ELSA-2022-4642: kernel Important Security Update>


    - SUSE: 2022:1749-1 moderate: dcraw>


    - SUSE: 2022:1758-1 glib2>


    - SUSE: 2022:1751-1 moderate: kernel-firmware>


    - SUSE: 2022:1760-1 moderate: unrar>


    - SciLinux: SLSA-2022-4642-1 Important: kernel on SL7.x x86_64>


    - Fedora 34: freetype 2022-5e45671294>


    - Fedora 35: freetype 2022-80e1724780>


    - SUSE: 2022:1110-1 suse/sle15 Security Update>


    - SUSE: 2022:1118-1 suse/sle15 Security Update>


    - SUSE: 2022:1116-1 bci/openjdk Security Update>


    - SUSE: 2022:1113-1 bci/golang Security Update>


    - SUSE: 2022:1764-1 php7>

    FreeBSD VuXML

    - clamav -- Multiple vulnerabilities

    Группа: blog_mix

    - О цифровых двойниках


    - Заполнить пробелы

    Группа: none

    - [ammarfaizi2-block:palmer/linux/riscv-compat 20/20] riscv64-linux- ...


    - [tip:master] BUILD SUCCESS 78a96d33fc3ba010f88c12cb37344febc93b0012


    - [v3 PATCH] soc: mediatek: Add support always on flag


    - Ree


    - [avpatel:riscv_iommu_dtbind_v1 30/37] include/linux/stddef.h:8:14: ...


    - [perf vendor events] 8f5e6110e1: perf-sanity-tests.Parsing_of_PMU ...


    - [tip: x86/microcode] x86/microcode: Add explicit CPU vendor dependency


    - From Dr Tracy from United States


    - [RESEND V1,1/2] media: media: jpegenc: add mediatek,mt8186-jpgenc ...


    - [RESEND V1,0/2] Enable hardware jpeg encoder for MT8186




    - [tip: x86/cleanups] x86: Remove empty files


    - [tip: x86/sev] x86/entry: Fixup objtool/ibt validation


    - [tip: x86/tdx] x86/tdx: Fix RETs in TDX asm


    - [tip: objtool/core] objtool: Fix symbol creation


    - [RESEND, PATCH] mmc: sdhci-pci-gli: Fix GL9763E runtime PM when th ...


    - Aw: Re: Re: [RFC v3 1/5] dt-bindings: phy: rockchip: add PCIe v3 phy

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